Homesteader’s: Introduction to Urban Beekeeping

Homesteader’s Emporium is located in the Downtown Eastside, not a place one might automatically associate with bees and beekeeping.  The area around Homesteader’s is an intensively urban but also ecologically active community that easily supports bees.  Studying beekeeping here will prepare you for keeping bees in any urban setting from rooftops and car parks to your own backyard.

The Bee School Certificate course offers 27 hours of instruction in eight sessions plus one practicum spent either in your own apiary with your instructor or in the Blessed Bee apiary. Roughly one third of the time is spent in lecture with the remainder hands on with the bees.  Because beekeeping is weather dependent some sessions might lean more heavily in one direction more than another with the overall pattern being more practical than theoretical.

There are many benefits to joining the Bee School aside from the excellent level of training given: Brian will make hive visits to your apiary whenever feasible to help you get established, to install bees or to problem solve a bee disease issue; students, current and former, can ask the Bee School bee and hive management questions (via email is best); there is advanced instruction offered to those who have passed the introductory level of certification; if you are keen on bees such as Blue Orchard Mason Bees, Bumblebees and other local native species or in pollination ecology the Bee School and Blessed Bee are actively engaged in numerous bee conservation projects; and there is a standing invitation to all who join the Bee School to attend the honey harvest.

If you are curious about the natural world and want to take a guided journey into the amazing life of honeybees or long for a deeper connection to ecology to understand the complexities of pollination and pollinators then this course is for you.  You don’t need to be a beekeeper to learn about honeybees or to appreciate their amazing abilities or to get a tremendous amount of knowledge from taking this program.  Whether you know not a thing about bees but want to take up the craft or are already an experienced beekeeper the Bee School Certificate program emphasizes good apicultural practices to get you started right or to renew your commitment to beekeeping excellence.

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